Five on Friday – March

Don’t you enjoy finding a great playlist from your past? Or music you’ve not listened to in years? Billy Joe’s “Essentials” is currently on repeat.  Maybe I’m old (ok…I am), but I’m much more appreciative of the musicality and artistry from older artists.  Plus, he’s FUN! My current faves: “Tell Her About It” & “We… Continue reading Five on Friday – March

Five on Friday – February

What I’ve Been Reading Lately I’ve got some great authors I’ve been reading recently, so check the post.  Let me know what you’re reading. Other book lists I’m adding to my “To Read” pile:  10 New Books like Outlander and Mrs. Modern Darcy on 7 Books that Changed the Way  She Lived and Parented 2. … Continue reading Five on Friday – February

Paw Patrol Birthday Party

  This is the first birthday for my son where he’s requested a theme; for his fourth birthday party, he wanted a “Paw Patrol” birthday party.  The Paw Patrol show is a Nickelodeon show about a group of dogs and their friend, Ryder.  The dogs help save people out of situations, and always there “on… Continue reading Paw Patrol Birthday Party

Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great by Judy Blume

   Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great is one of Judy Blume’s best character books.  Sheila is the antagonist from the Fudge series by Blume. [Sidenote: I love looking at how the covers of this book have evolved over the years.] Judy Blume has the ability to write from a child’s world  revealing all the insecurities… Continue reading Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great by Judy Blume