Five on Friday – March

Don’t you enjoy finding a great playlist from your past? Or music you’ve not listened to in years? Billy Joe’s “Essentials” is currently on repeat.  Maybe I’m old (ok…I am), but I’m much more appreciative of the musicality and artistry from older artists.  Plus, he’s FUN!

My current faves: “Tell Her About It” & “We Didn’t Start the Fire”

On another nostalgic note, I’m partial to 80s moves from my childhood.  I loved watching this movie growing up and now I love it even more.  Talk about three great male actors! Their apartment is a museum to 80s decor!

For our last Trader Joe’s trip, I did stock up on some of our favorite “treats”…These are extremely good and chocolately and 2.99! Probably best our TJ’s is an hour away but, if you’ve not tried them, you should!

We’re gearing up for a fun St. Patrick’s Day.  Check out these fun t-shirts for sporting green! Oak Tree Tees for St. Patrick’s Day

Adult Slainte Shirt || Child Hooligan Shirt ||  Shenanigans Shirt

Also, here are a few interesting links I’ve been perusing this week.  Check out the “Little Women” link for great book title recs; I’ve already added a few to my list!

Costco Shopping Tip via Southern Living

Children Need to Read Real Books

12 Books to Read If You Loved Little Women



  1. I loved watching the We Didn’t Start to Fire video when I was little. I haven’t watched it since then, I think I’m going to have to look it up on youtube and watch it again!
    I love 80’s movies as well. I just re-watched Baby Boom a few weeks ago and it was as good as I remembered!

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