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This is the first birthday for my son where he’s requested a theme; for his fourth birthday party, he wanted a “Paw Patrol” birthday party.  The Paw Patrol show is a Nickelodeon show about a group of dogs and their friend, Ryder.  The dogs help save people out of situations, and always there “on the double.”

Unlike many other popular shows, Paw Patrol isn’t quite available in the party aisle of the store.  Setting out to decorate for the party just took a little time and thought as to how to incorporate the show.

First, I browsed Pinterest for ideas (of course!) [Check out my party boards here] and then, I made a list of decorations, food, and supplies we would need.  Our son’s party was at a local gym where he and his friends could run around, jump on trampolines, and bounce on mats.  A loft at the gym was “party” central in terms of tables, chairs, coolers and where we would eat.

Here are a few quickly snapped phone pics to show what we did with the space. We only had a certain amount of time to set up, and my son was thrilled with the fun and the results!Paw-Patrol-Party-Eustace15-5

We used dog print balloons to decorate the space, as well as the very important birthday chair.

We had a few long tables to use for food and gifts; this table I printed a few signs labeled “PUPPY CHOW” and put red tablecloths from the dollar store on them.




 Because of the time frame and activities of the party, serving food and cake usually is a quick affair.  We put cheese puff and “pup corn” in cups to serve the children quickly.  Then, we set the table with Capri Suns, so the children could drink them right away.

We used pre-made sugar cookie dough and a dog bone cookie cutter to make “dog bones” to serve.  The plastic dog bowls were another dollar store item I picked up with decorations.




The gift bags were given out to everyone.  Click the pictures below to be linked to the product page.  The bags, Paw Patrol “rings” (or cupcake toppers), Paw Patrol stickers, and mini Frisbees were all included and purchased from Amazon.




Dollar General – Dog bowls, table cloths, paper cups, napkins, paper plates, and plastic utensils.

Walmart – Cake, individual ice cream cups, chips

Amazon – Gift bags, balloons, rings, cupcake toppers, stickers,


Use Amazon [click on the picture to go directly to the product]

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  1. Love this idea. My son has been bugging me about a Paw Party party for his 5th birthday. So I am definitely doing this idea. Thank you for sharing.

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