Little Critter Series by Mercer Mayer

Little Critter

One of the fun things about having a child is being able to share books with them – books that we grew up with!

Critter 2

My brother and I loved the Little Critter Series when were children.  Was it the colorful illustrations? Was it the normal child conflicts of each book?  I couldn’t say for myself, but my toddler has currently discovered our stash (complete with my childhood drawing renditions on the pages!) and loves them, too!

This one is a favorite in our house – because our family deals with the same struggle every night: toddler wants to play, dress up, and avoid bedtime while dad says, “Go to bed!” It’s great, though, how most of these books end with a loving moment between the family.


Critter has a little sister, who, of course, wants to do everything he does.  The sister character always cracks me up because she’s very much like a younger sibling.  I like how the Critter series takes on sibling relationships.

Besides being nostalgic for my childhood, I really love how this series has a book for many typical childhood conflicts (sisters, friends, sharing, cleaning up rooms, and more).  The simplicity works, and I consider these classic pictures books for all children.  Apparently, they are still being published (link below), and we have a combination of older and newer ones!  Do you remember Critter? Do your children read them now?

Just a Little Critter Collection (Little Critter)


  1. Ah yes, I do remember these from my childhood. I had no idea they were still being published! Thanks for linking up with Booknificent Thursday! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got this week!

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