Erin Condren Teacher Planner Review (Update

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It’s that time of year again – back to school! Parents are buying new school shoes, students are picking out new backpacks, and teachers are thinking plans, dates, and getting ready for the year.  My day job (or school year job, as it is) is teaching writing and English – definitely a wonderful place for any bookworm!

This year, I’d heard about the Erin Condren teacher planner, so I read reviews and deliberated on the purchase ($59.00 for one with custom cover), but, in the end, I bit the bullet and wanted to share for those of you headed back to school! {Not a sponsored post, just sharing!}

I’ve used Erin Condren in the past for a planner and note cards, so I knew that she did have great quality in her product.  The only drawback I have, which is completely my decision, was the color choice I made – now, I’m wishing I’d gone for a brighter color wheel.  However, in all honesty, this will be less conspicuous and easier to use in meetings.

Also, I teach college freshman, and it seemed that the planner may be geared more toward elementary/secondary teachers.  But, that didn’t stop me at all, and I’ll explain on how I plan to use it for all of my courses/committees:

EC 2

The package came beautifully wrapped with this lovely insert (and examples of her Christmas cards – way to think ahead!)

ec 3

The cover is very sturdy and well made (this what my students call me); this picture is to show you the size – it is on the bigger side.  My plan is to use it for all of my courses, notes, and calendar, so this will be in my school bag – not too big for that at all.

EC 5

There are many attributes to this planner which are detailed in a video on the website. The price point is certainly high; but, I’ll say that you get much more and what you pay for – this isn’t a simple little agenda! Plus, I loved the idea of paying for one notebook (custom to my taste) instead of a desk calendar, notebook for notes, and agenda.

EC 4

The whole planner is conducive to organization: two sided folder, pouch, and the 2013/14 calendar to keep dates and future planning in mind.

EC 1

This is one of the main reasons I wanted this particular planner – a place to record student absences – I take attendance in each class for over 120 students, so I have to be organized! Obviously, this could be used in many, many ways.



I’ve continued to use Erin Conden because I love her style and quality, but she’s also got more to offer now.  I used this Monthly Planner the last academic school year.  I liked the monthly layout and calendars. Also, the addition of the notebook/lined pages at the end were great for me to add notes for class.  Not to mention, the cover is gorgeous!





  1. thank you for the great review, thrilled you love your planner! hope you have a fabulous school year! enjoy!

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