Blucy: The Blue Cat Review

Do you know any mischievous cats? How about curious cats who turn different colors based on the on her mood? Well, meet Blucy!

Mandy picks out her new cat who turns out to be an extra special cat! First, as a proud owner of a rescue dog, I love that Blucy comes from the pound. As Blucy discovers the new neighborhood, she finds all kind of new blue places – like the neighbor’s pool. I love that Blucy’s adventures are just as funny and charming as a toddlers, especially the scene where Blucy is discovered coloring on the wall – in blue of course!

The language choice is perfectly engineered for children  – well detailed and descriptive;The rhyming is wonderful. Viewing it from a child’s eyes, the illustrations are captivating and gorgeous.  I loved the changing color of Blucy from the beginning to the end, as well as the fun activities on the end.

We spent a lot of time traveling and using our Ipad with our toddler this summer, and I think this would be an enchanting digital book for readers (as well as paper for reading out loud!).  I highly recommend this book – such a darling children’s book!

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Can Mary can keep her sleepy sheep awake?

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