Faux Paw by Julia Dweck

Julia Dweck’s latest heart warming book {Check out our review of Blucy here} is titled Faux Paw, and it is quite an endearing tale.  The illustrator, Walter Carzon, really brought to life the main character, Walden.  The illustration above reflects the whimsy and delight of Walden as he becomes the bear he always wanted to be.

Also, I love the irritated expressions of Walden’s teacher, Mrs. Hunter, as she learns that Walden has parental permission to be whatever he wants to be – including a bear! Walden’s mother sews him a bear costume that he wears to school and is met with many strange looks and comments.  Through the school day, we see Walden act as a bear by scouting for food, hibernating, and eating a big lunch! Eventually, Mrs. Hunter becomes frustrated with the imaginative children in her class who all want to be animals “when they grow up” and leaves the school.  Walden’s new teacher introduces herself in a wild and creative way that excited the children.

This delightful tale is really great for children who are grasping a world that may squelch childhood imagination.  As a reader, I loved seeing Walden’s enthusiasm, and, as a mother, I loved how his mother surrounded him with support for his “faux paw” dreams.  Faux Paw is a great book for children and parents to share and enjoy.



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