What are College Students Reading for Fun?


A recent assignment had me curious as to what college age students (18-20) would read on their own decision.  This is a completely unscientific analysis, but I have about 120+ students this semester, so I think it’s slightly indicative of what this age group is interested in reading.

 Mostly, students are interested in reading – what I would call popular series – not necessarily obscure books.  Sure, some of them didn’t even read and copied from Sparknotes (F!), but overall they enjoyed having the liberty to choose their own reading.

What was most popular?

book collage

  The Hunger Games remains a favorite among young and old readers; I still have not read the series, but I’m planning on it! I like any book series that gets readers engaged.

The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset


Sharon Draper is a popular author among my students.  Copper Sun, and quite a few other novels, were reviewed as they really enjoyed her writing style.

I was surprised to see how popular Stephen King still is – I had quite a few students enthusiastic about this series, The Dark Tower, as well as others.

Many of my students, mostly females, seemed to be looking for romance and drama.  Lurlene McDaniel was a popular choice among a few of my students {also, many students picked was available in the library, so that certainly affected their reading decision.}  Of course, Nicholas Sparks was an overwhelming favorite for his romance and relationships.  Now, my thought is to move everyone to Pride and Prejudice 🙂

Veronica Roth’s series was mentioned and read a few times; my students really enjoyed her themes in this series.

If you’re looking for gifts this Christmas season, especially for young adults, I’d recommend many of the authors listed here.  Let us know if you have any recommendations!