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1.Peach Cobbler If you’re looking for an EASY dessert this holiday weekend, I love cobbler.  It’s just hard to mess up, and I’m the first person to tell you I’ve…

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Richard Scarry was one of children’s literature’s most loved author and illustrator with his charming characters and detailed illustrations. A quick look at his biography and publication list really blew…

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This summer we combined my husband’s business trip with a family trip for a long, two week vacation from our house in South Carolina to our family home in Cape…

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If our toddler was a blogger, I think he’d wax poetic about the following list of toys that he enjoys on, if not daily, a weekly basis.  When considering purchases, I’ve always found other “real life” recommendations very helpful in decided where to spend.  Many of these including have been gifts or holiday gifts.  Personally, I’d enjoy shopping for all kinds of toys, but really – children don’t need that many toys and pieces to be happy.  Our child loves to be outside with his trucks, a shovel, and dirt many afternoons!

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