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Toddler Toys

If our toddler was a blogger, I think he’d wax poetic about the following list of toys that he enjoys on, if not daily, a weekly basis.  When considering purchases, I’ve always found other “real life” recommendations very helpful in decided where to spend.  Many of these including have been gifts or holiday gifts.  Personally, I’d enjoy shopping for all kinds of toys, but really – children don’t need that many toys and pieces to be happy.  Our child loves to be outside with his trucks, a shovel, and dirt many afternoons!

That being said, I’ve included these because they’ve withheld toddler play for much of a year as well as most of them aren’t over $30.00 price range, if that.

 {Click on each photo to get to Amazon purchase page. Prices are what items are currently listed on Amazon. (They are affiliate Amazon links.)}

Little Tikes Push & Ride Racer ($24.99)

{Little Tikes makes just great outdoors children’s gear.  My professional comment as to why? My toddler rams it into fences, through mud holes  and up hills – and the thing still looks good! Great as a “push” cart for those new walkers as well as riders who can sit and push.}

Melissa and Doug Fruit Cutting Board ($16.99)

{This was a part of Santa’s gift, and our toddler LOVES it.  It’s great for concentration; he’ll sit still and focus on cutting each piece.  Plus, the Velcro to put the fruit back together is genius.  M&D uses real wood which is part of the reason I like their products.  Great, great toy.}

Melissa and Doug Fishing Puzzle ($7.85)

{We love M&D puzzles for many reasons.  Again, this one helps a child “fish” by attaching a magnet to the pole which will pull up the fish that is “caught.”  It’s fun, but also it takes a lot of dexterity – this adult finds it worthy of focus! PS. Found it at our TJ Maxx for $4.00! Love this puzzle activity.}

Melissa and Doug Alphabet Magnets ($10.00)

{Another M&D recommendation? Yes! This brand seems to stand up to the test of time and toddlers.  Plus, I love the primary colors and sturdiness of each letter.}

Duplo Lego: First Building Set ($25.99)

{It’s funny because I never really played with Legos as a child, but they were my husband’s childhood toy of choice.  Well, our toddler certainly takes after him because he loves building and playing with these.  This set is great because it comes with it’s own storage box!}

Baby Einstein: Count and Compose Piano (Found at our Target)

{Baby Einstein is a great company; our son loves anything Baby Einstein related.  We don’t believe that the company/videos will make him a genius, or anything ridiculous like that.  But, I will say, he loves all of the videos and the branded BE toys just happen to keep his attention, so I do highly recommend them.  This piano has been in our toy box for over a year, and he still pulls it out regularly!}

Baby Einstein: Board Books

{Again, the BE brand hooked our toddler.  This was a gift, and he really loves the small size of each book as well as putting them in and out of the case.  I like how the covers are matching sets of primary colors, so it makes for a fun learning colors activity in organizing them. }

Kidoozie Little Tuffie Trucks ($14.62)

{Great little trucks – they are tuff! I think they’ve been rammed, thrown in the tub, and are currently hauling dirt outside.}

Battat Take Apart Roadster ($18.66)

{This is such a neat toy! We were gifted one at a birthday party, and our toddler takes his mechanic job very seriously with this car! It comes with a drill set and a car (or different vehicle options) that comes apart.  This is such a great test of his concentration and hand-eye coordination. Highly recommend this toy.}

B. Alphaberry (Found at local Target)

{We recieved one of these “Alphaberrys” for our son’s first birthday, I believe, and he still loves  pushing the buttons.  Now, he’s more interested in the actual letters and hearing those.  Great for an on the go toy for restaurants, doctor’s offices, etc.}

B.Fish and Splish Boat ($28.77)

{Another gift that was highly received  This brand, B., does a great job in designing their toys.  I’ve seen that they have a whole section at Target now (as well as being offered on Amazon), and I’ve still got a few of their older toddler toys on our wish list.  This boat set came with all kinds of fun water accessories like cups, a captain, and a boat to hide it all in! We still use some of those in the tub, but now the boat has been relegated to more outdoors, sea worth adventures. }

Art Supplies {Arts and crafts are great because you can buy markers, crayons, papers at the Dollar Tree and have fun all day long! I try to keep stickers, coloring books, and other crafting materials on hand for fun activities.}

So, please, tell us in the comments what Toddler Toy Recommendations you would make or suggest!


  1. Ooh, how fun! My kids had a veggie cutting kit like the fruit one above. They STILL play with them. They were well used. Great list! 🙂

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