5 Reasons You Need to Read Outlander

  The funny story about this series by Diana Gabaldon is that I’ve borrowed Outlander from the library twice before I even read it through! I wasn’t thrilled by the description of “time-travel” and didn’t connect with Claire right off the bat, so I set it aside. Then, years later, I downloaded it on my… Continue reading 5 Reasons You Need to Read Outlander

Nursery Rhymes: Language & History

Many children grow up with a copy of Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes on their bookshelves; in fact, I can remember our copy quite clearly because it was practically an antique with yellowed pages. ¬†Eventually, our mother got us a colorful, updated version of the rhymes – really, so we wouldn’t ruin that beautiful book! Nursery… Continue reading Nursery Rhymes: Language & History