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Toddler medicine

If you’re like our  family, our two year old toddler has encountered his share of ear infections and colds from seasons and daycare.  However, he now runs screaming when he sees the plastic CVS syringe and orange anti-biotic bottle. We have tried bribery, treats, and meds in the tub – where the medicine usually gets spit out 99% of the time!

So, how do we get the medicine down (especially when it is necessary to have doses taken!)?

{I’m not a doctor, but I’m giving tips based on my experience and each of which approved by my personal doctor! So, get your doctor’s approval of anything you give your child!}

1.SUNDAE SYRUP: As the pediatrician may recommend, buy the strawberry flavored ice cream syrup and suck that up in the syringe, so the child will taste that.  The syrup is usually pretty strong OR  you can mix the syrup and medicine for giving out via the syringe.

2. ICE CREAM: If you’re really desperate, mix the anti-biotic with similar flavored ice  cream – this has worked for us several times.

3. FRUIT SQUEEZE PACKS: This is a very obvious, but very helpful solution! Once we tried this, we haven’t looked back. And, as long as your child will still eat squeeze packs, simply squeeze out a bit (or take a few bites, as I do), to make room for the medicine.  Take the syringe and squeeze in the medicine – then, shake and massage for at least a minute to dilute the medicine.

 (I always pick a very strong “berry” flavor to cover the taste).  Give to your child and (hopefully) voila! Medicine down the hatch without the fuss or fight.

apple squeeze pack

GoGo Squeez Apple Strawberry

This is our favorite brand and flavor of fruit pouch – I hope you find this helpful!


Hershey’s Syrup (Flavored)

USE CANDY: When our son needs to take a child’s Ibuprofen, we’ve had a few times where’s he so tired, he won’t take the medicine.  I put a few Sweetarts or Smarties in a bowl with the medicine, so he “thinks” it’s candy. Also, we use lollipops to bribe sick children, and I like the ones with extra Vitamin C.


Vitamin C Lollypops

Refillable Food Pouch

Essential Items for Sick Babies/Toddlers/Kids:

We use a dehumidifier throughout the fall/winter for my kids at night.  It’s always an easy way

Pig Dehumidifier

All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine


Any other things you recommend for sick kiddos?


  1. I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say this post was a lifesaver. My husband said he’d like to hunt you down and just give you a giant hug. My toddler is so stubborn and sick, she wouldn’t take her antibiotic… Well putting it in the squeeze pack worked like a charm!!! Thanks again!!!!

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