Barrington Gifts Tote Review

tote bag review

[This is not a paid endorsement; I’m just sharing tote bag information since I couldn’t find many reviews when researching this bag.] I’d seen many bloggers link to Barrington Gifts as their new favorite tote bag. As I browsed the website, I saw several totes that I thought would be great for my daily use and have sophisticated style. They offer many tote designs and styles, along with the option to monogram; I like when a company gives the buyer an opportunity to customize a bag for a reasonable price.

Currently, I use my daily tote bag to bring work notebooks/papers/books and laptop to work as well as for my childre.  Typically, I need a bag with some pockets to keep semi-organized.  I carry work items, pens, sunglasses, wallet, keys, phone, snacks on a regular basis. I’ve used several popular totes, like the Longchamp Le Pliage (no pockets, so I get irritated on a daily basis), and the Vineyard Vines tote (great use of pockets, canvas/casual look), as well as Vera Bradley (not a huge fan of the patterns).  While I like each of the totes I mentioned, none quite fit the bill exactly as I wanted. From Barrington Gifts, the St. Anne tote seems quite popular, and I contemplated the diaper bag version of it (which does go up in price, but it has many more pockets, nylon interior, and a removable strap.)

However, after looking at pictures, measurements, and other options, I decided I wanted a bag that could zip close (The St. Anne is open) and has 4 interior pockets, one zip interior, and one outside zip pocket (The St. Anne, I believe, only has one interior zip pocket).  So, I went with the Savannah Zippered Tote which was the next size down from the St. Anne:


Here are my (not so great) phone pics, but I’m super pleased with my choice. The leather handles and bottom really add to the sophistication of the tote.  I chose to not monogram the bag (in the leather square), but I think it pulls the bag together well.  You can see from below some of the things I fit in my bag along with a few of the pockets.  For example, on an outing with my kids this weekend, I added snacks, my diaper clutch (which holds wipes), a Kindle, extra shirt, and a bottle of water.  It can hold quite a bit of gear.

Also, I didn’t see the outside zipper pocket photo on the website, but was pleasantly surprised to see an extra zippered pocket. This can easily work as a diaper bag (although the interior is not nylon, so take that into consideration), but the extra side pockets are “bottle” sized which is great for baby/toddler bottles.





Some of my work things, with plenty of room to spare.

I like that the size is not SUCH a huge tote (size of Savannah is comparable to the Vineyard Vines tote), but it still manages to hold quite a bit.



Hope this helps in tote shopping!


We’ve had this bag for over a year, and it is a great bag.  My daughter used it for school, so it was helpful to have all of the pockets which happen to fit a baby bottle well.  I love that it zips, so her stuff doesn’t fall out.  I will say this, the pink shows scuffs fairly well.  It may be something to think about if you purchase; we’re pretty hard on tote bags.

Here are a few more options for those who are trying to get a good bag within a budget.

HEYI Diaper Bag Travel Backpack 

I actually just started using this backpack (there is a more expensive, designer version), and I do love it! Since I have 3 kids, and we’re doing a bit of traveling over the summer, I thought this would work nicely.  There are so many pockets, and the side pockets (seen above) stretch and fit a good size bottle. The open top is nice, too, because I can stuff quite a bit in it. Two thumbs up for an affordable, functional bag.

Pineapple Beach Straw Tote Bag

If you’re looking for something a bit more beachy, I love this pineapple tote for the pool, beach, or vacation.  It zips and has pockets inside.

Arrows Weekender Tote – Diaper Bag

I love the look and design of this Arrows weekender bag.  It seems super functional with pockets and a cross body strap.  I may have to add this to my list!

Cunada Large Tote Bag

Here’s an easy, affordable (ahem, knockoff 🙂 bag.  While it may not have specific pockets like other diaper bags, it’s a great carryall and easy to clean.


Diaper Bag by Hip Cub

My first (and well loved) diaper bag is the Skip Hop version of this, and I love it! The grey stripe/brown leather combo doesn’t scream mom bag, and it can fit so much stuff! Highly recommend this for first time moms.

Ju-Ju-Be Nautical Collection Be Right Back 

One more backpack, which is a pricey version, but it highly rated, well-made, and adorable with the nautical design! Does anyone have a Ju-Ju-Be backpack?

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  1. Quick Question: I am considering the St. Anne tote as a gift for a graduate (going to be a teacher in the Fall). Would you say it’s very durable? I just want to make sure it is going to hold up for her. She is looking for a nice tote to tote papers, folders, and such.
    Thank you for this review! (I would assume the tote you have would be as durable as the others.)

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