Things that Go!

Toddler Train Books

Around here, our toddler loves anything that moves! We have many books about various subjects; but, he happens to LOVE books about trains, planes, tractors, and anything that goes.  We’ve rounded up our favorites here which are also classics that many children may enjoy.

 Steam Train, Dream Train

You may notice that many of these books have a “nighttime” theme which work well for our bedtime routine (i.e. Let’s say goodnight to the trains and go to sleep!).  This one is going to be added to that routine for us because we love books that are calm and dusk-like in illustrations.

Little Blue Truck

This board book, by Alice Schertle, is just darling for any child! The animal characters are illustrated in just a delightful, and, of course, the blue truck is cute as he moves through the book.

Great book for bedtime (or naptime, too!)  If your child is into the names and details of big construction machinery, they will love this.  I enjoy how each one goes to sleep and we say goodnight to each one!

Richard Scarry is one of our favorites, and I love this little board book for alphabet and cars and trucks info.

Tractors make great picture book characters, don’t they? Perhaps it’s that they seem like they have their own funny personalities.  I love the rhyme and the illustrations!

This is not on our shelf yet, but I can’t wait to get it.  Just from the cover alone, it seems to be a funny, quirky book about truck!Two Little Trains

How did I miss that Margaret Wise Brown had a book about trains? Goodnight Moon is a very integral part of our nightly reading time, and, as much as we love it, I know that this will be just as endearing.

Tell us, what are your favorite books that “go”?