South Carolina Summer Reading Event

For those of you who live in South Carolina or those of you making a trip to South Carolina this summer, there is a great reading event called Camp Read-a-Rama.


It was started by one of {then} Clemson’s great children’s literature professors, Dr. Michele Martin.  She’s now the Augusta Baker Chair of Childhood Literacy and the founder of Camp Read-a-Rama.

Dr. Martin (or Doc Martin, as she’s known on campus) started the program at Clemson University in the summer, out of concern for the summer slide of learning.  Children who take three months off from school usually depict a decline in lapse in reading. Doc Martin started Camp Read-a-Rama as a fun day camp to put the focus back on books. Children, ages 4-11, don’t just sit and read – they become engaged through singing, dancing, crafting, painting, and traveling on field trips.

As parents, we all slide into that comfortable, easy summer routine – which is important! But, this is a great way to let your children have fun, get excited while learning about books! This year they’ve extended the programs to Clemson and Columbia which is a great opportunity for people in both areas. Check out and let me know if you go!

Camp Read-a-Rama Information

2013 Schedule and Sign Up

Clemson, SC Camp Read-a-Rama Schedule: clemson_flyer