Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

We’ve got three young children (1.5, 3.5, 7), so I’m always looking for good, qaulity products they can use.

I’m particular about children’s shoes because I firmly believe you get what you pay for.  I’ve tried everything from cheap shoes at Wal-mart to expensive Nikes.  Unless they’re just for fun, I don’t think cheap tennis are worthwhile.  Both Garanimals and Carter’s brand shoes have worn through holes and lost traction quickly.  For us, the cost savings isn’t worth the price.

This is what I look for in a kid’s shoe:

  • Durability (can it stand up to recess, play, and running?)
  • Washability (can I throw it in the washer to get clean?)
  • Sturdy (is it sturdy for little feet?)

Here are my favorites for spring:

See Kai Run (27)

See Kai Run is a great, quality brand.  There price point is higher, but I think the quality warrants it.  The shoes are thick canvas with a large rubber bottom.  I’ve been able to get two siblings to use  them, so I can justify the price. 

See Kai Run (42)

Big Kids light up shoes  – Amazon

These light up shoes just look like fun, and my boys are at the age where they think they are cool!

Saucony velcro toddler shoes (34)

Sauconys are a bit less expensive than other brands, and I think they hold up pretty well.  They always offer great, bright colors.

Surprize by Stride Rite light up shoes  – Target

Target shoes are fab! I do like the Stride Rite brand from them.  We’ve had a few of this line, and they’ve held up really well.

This year, though, Cat and Jack has adorable and affordable options for girls and boys.  I’m not sure how long lasting they will be, but I’m sure we’ll try.

Girls’ Cat and Jack flats – Target

Girls’ Cat and Jack jelly sandals – Target

My shoe brand verdict?

Best Kid’s Shoe: Nike or New Balance. 

While they are expensive, I just find the quality of the Nike/NB shoe to be the best.  I’ve been able to have our middle wear the oldest child’s hand me down Nikes/NBs, and they still look good! Try to find them on Ebay or at consignment sales.

And, since our youngest is obsessed with shoes, here’s a cute round up of some funny shoe picture books for kids!

Great list and review of all books about shoes from Imagination Soup

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