Recent Reads: Summer Fiction

I love a good Beach Read! I’ve been catching up on my Fiction reading lately, and here a few quick reviews!

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

I’ve read Foley’s other thriller type books. Here’s why I like her writing: it’s fast pace, filled with great description, and not too gory! I don’t enjoy books that have a ton of gore in them. This latest book by her is set in Paris. The descriptions of Paris, the fashion, the apartments and the French attitude are fantastic. She does a great job of capturing Paris. I thought the characters and their interaction were tense (but not super terrifying). It was really quick to read and I couldn’t put it down …and didn’t guess the ending! Highly recommend.

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

So, this book has been hyped, and I haven’t actually read anything by this author before. It is right up my ally because it’s about two book editors who meet up in a romantic novel outside of NYC. I thought the book references were great, and I loved how they met up in a small town with a cast of characters, including the main’s sister. It felt very Hallmark in a good way; it was delightful in many aspects. I couldn’t get around the main characters, though. Their brittleness began to annoy me. Do I recommend it? Sure. Was it my favorite? Not necessarily.

Those are my weekly reads! I just got in a new stack from the library and will share those next week. What are you reading?