Reading Lists! My Favorite Summer Reading Guides

My Favorite Summer Reading Lists

I love a good book list, don’t you? There are bloggers, readers, and authors who’ve been putting together great lists each summer, so I wanted to share my favorite sources for book lists!

Modern Mrs. Darcy

She just release her 2022 Summer Reading Guide: It’s chock full of new releases, thoughtful reviews, and audio recommendations. I highly recommend hers for adult reading summer ideas; I use it every year!

What Do We Do All Day?

Another favorite resource blog, ESPECIALLY for great book lists! She just complied a well-researched, organized post with books for each grade, including high school! If you are looking for children’s/middle grade/ya books, this is your source for the best lists.

Read Aloud Revival

This is one of my absolute favorite websites. She’s got a valuable podcast on all areas of reading; her website is a trove of resources. She also puts together tons of lists, including ones by month. I recommend subscribing to her emails for all updated information. Check out her May booklist and look out for her summer one soon!


This blog/website is a wonderful resource for books along with activities to go along with books. I recommend you check out her 10 Favorite Summer books posts with activities!

Imagination Soup

If you like book lists, you’ve got to check out Imagination Soup! She’s got TONS of lists for all sorts of ages, topics, seasons, and genres. Her 25 SUMMER Picture Book list is fantastic, but check out all of her other lists for your kiddo readers.

Imagination Soup

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