Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

The Wimpy Kid series have inspired a new generation of cartoonists.   Jeff Kinney’s latest addition, Dog Days, continues with Greg Heffley and his summer vacation. As realtors will often say, “Location, Location, Location,” is the key to house, “Character, Character, Character,” is often the key to a successful book.  Greg’s character is observant and hilarious, all… Continue reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

Gone Away Lake

As a child, I LOVED books that would take me away to a place like Gone Away Lake.  I wish I had found this when I was ten because I’m sure it would have been one of my favorite books. Another childhood obsession? Finding places to fix up as clubs, forts, or any place away from… Continue reading Gone Away Lake


Clementine is a series by Sara Pennypacker, the author of the Stuart series  The first book in the series is titled the same, Clementine. Clementine is the main character who is creative and funny, in the footsteps of great characters like Ramona Quimby. The book begins with Clementine helping her friend Margaret, who has cut out a clump of… Continue reading Clementine

Roald Dahl’s Illustrator: Quentin Blake is Knighted

I could never guess what he was going to think of next. Quentin Blake on Roald Dahl. Blake is the illustrator behind the infamous Roald Dahl fantastical stories; his drawings are recognizable by the readers of Dahl.  Blake was recently awarded knighthood in 2013.  The movement of his characters in these illustrations was what always… Continue reading Roald Dahl’s Illustrator: Quentin Blake is Knighted

The Great Brain

  The Great Brain was first published in 1967, but the antics of Tom are still relevant and charming.  Tom comes from family of Catholics in a town that is heavily Mormon in Oklahoma.  The author handles the religious differences with humor, as well as in the perspective of children. In this first Great Brain, Tom and his brothers come… Continue reading The Great Brain