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Do you ever get nostalgic for books of your childhood? I was a huge book geek, and the “teen” series of the eighties and nineties were my, hands down, absolute favorite! They are similar in formula (friends, boys, fashion, life), but, boy, are they ever fun! Plus, the covers of these will have you reminiscing.

Sweet Valley High Series from 1983 – 1999 by Francine Pascal (143 books)

Goodreads summary of the infamous series: Will Jessica steal Todd from Elizabeth?Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are identical twins at Sweet Valley High. They`re both popular, smart, and gorgeous, but that’s where the similarity ends. Elizabeth is friendly, outgoing, and sincere — nothing like her snobbish and conniving twin. Jessica gets what she wants — at school, with friends, and especially with boys. This time, Jessica has set her sights on Todd Wilkins, the handsome star of the basketball team — the one boy that Elizabeth really likes. Elizabeth doesn’t want to lose him, but what Jessica wants, Jessica usually gets… even if it ends up hurting her sister.

Meet the Wakefield twins, their guys, and the rest of the gang at Sweet Valley High…


 Sweet Valley High #1: Double Love

Sweet Valley Twins (1986 – 1998) by Francine Pascal 118 books

Goodreads says :Growing apart.. Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield feel special because they’re identical twins. For twelve years they’ve dressed alike, shared a room, and done everything together. But when they start Sweet Valley Middle School, everything begins to change. Elizabeth wants to work on the class newspaper, but Jessica doesn’t. Jessica would rather join the Unicorns, a snobby all-girls club. Even though Elizabeth isn’t interested in the same things as her twin, she tries to tag along. But is she losing her best friend?

Best friends (Sweet Valley twins)

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Babysitter’s Club by Ann M. Martin  (1986-1999)

131 Books  (not including specials & thrillers)

This was the series that made me a reader as did it many other youngsters of the late eighties. I loved the world of Stoneybrook, and the series is remarkable for its span of time.  It was also made into a short lived tv series and movie. Yes, for BSC!

Amazon: It all began with a great idea … and the inspiring original story of the Baby-sitters Club is back! Kristy Thomas’s brilliant business plan gets off to a great start with the help of Claudia Kishi (vice-president), Mary Anne Spier (secretary), and Stacey McGill (treasurer).


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The Treehouse Times

Goodreads review of Book Two in the series: Even though they have been told that the field where Erin Valdez and her friends play kickball may be sold to a fast-food chain, someone is anonymously fixing up the field with new bases, a bench and lots of expensive equipment, which makes this look like a big story for the investigative reporters of The Treehouse Times.


The Fabulous Five by Betsy Haynes
Seventh Grade Rumors (Fabulous Five, Book 1)

This series is another great teen example of friends, life, adventures, and navigating the teen world! I remember a few of these, and I will have to read them again!


The Forever Friends and Friends 4 Ever (catching a theme here? ha!) are two more popular series about friends and getting through typical teen situations.

The Forever Friends Club  by Cynthia Savage


Friends 4 Ever by Deidre Corey

friends 4 ever

The Girls of Canby Hall by Emily Chase

This is a classic eighties series which was a favorite of many teens; I’ve not read any of them! They are going on my nostalgia list – ASAP! Check out this summary from Amazon

Publication Date: September 1984
“Dana thinks country means quilts from cozy boutiques, and Faith can’t imagine a town without hot pretzel vendors. But they find themselves home with Shelley in Iowa for the last weeks of summer, and small town life is anything but humdrum. One of Shelley’s brothers, Jeff, falls hard for Dana, and she wonders if she’s always going to attract country types. Everyone is getting ready for the County Fair when Faith is suddenly, shockingly ill. The best doctors in Pine Bluff can’t figure out what’s wrong. Dana and Shelley stand helplessly by, worried that for Faith, small town care simply isn’t going to be enough.” This is from the back cover of the book.


Gymnasts  by Elizabeth Leavy

Goodreads review of the first book: Lauren and Cindi are best friends who had previously taken gymnastics together, until Lauren stopped. Now Lauren, at Cindi’s insistence, joins the Evergreen Gymnastic Academy. At the academy, they meet two other gymnasts new to the academy, Darlene and Jodi.


The Party Line by Carrie Austen

the party line

Penpals  by Sharon Dennis Wyeth

From Publishers Weekly: Palmer, Shanonstet , Amy and Lisa, new to the Alma Stephens School for Girls, run an ad in the newspaper published by Ardsley Academy, an all-boys school. They soon hook up with “The Unknowns,” four roommates at Ardsley, and their adventures begin. As with most of today’s series, the four heroines are a predictable blend of ethnic backgrounds and lifestyles, of personalities and looks. But Wyeth writes with considerable humor, which adds depth and interest to the story. The four girls, and the reader, can see the funny side of potentially embarrassing situations. This first book in the Pen Pals series is a pleasant–and welcome–surprise. Ages 10-14.


Roommates  by Susan Blake


The Saddle Club  by Bonnie Bryant

Check out Goodreads review of #3 in the series:

Lisa love being a member of the Saddle Club. But lately, Stevie and Carole haven’t had time for her or their friendship. And if she can’t
convince her friends that their club is just as important, she may have to find new members to replace them. . . .


Sleepover Friends by Susan Saunders

This was one of my favorite series as a child! It’s similar to the eighties/nineties teen formula  but all four of the girls with unique personalities have a sleepover club – where, of course, they get into crazy adventures! 

sleepover friends



For much, much more on eighties book series – check out this blog: Cliquey Pizza Blog: Great info on books and more!

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  1. I’ve been looking for a book either from the late 80’s or early 90’s for years and was hoping someone could help me find it. It might have been part of the especially for girls book club. It was about two sisters (definitely not Sweet Valley), I think the main one was a writer and the other might have been good at math. I think they were pre-teens. The main character didn’t have any friends but started making a friend on a school bus, the friend might have been named Melissa/Marissa. I remember them talking about Anne of Green Gables on the bus ride. I think the main character used to go up in a tower/attic/some special room with a window when she wanted to write. I know it’s not a lot to go on! The cover was light purple and had a sullen-looking blonde girl with glasses in the center. Any help would be much appreciated!

    1. Thanks for stopping by – I can’t think of this off the top of my head, but I’ll look into it. I believe I know which book you’re thinking of!

  2. Do you remember a series about teenage triplets? Each book was centered around a different holiday. The girls were always described as having “auburn colored hair”. I can’t remember any of the titles!

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