Bookish Links

Check out some interesting and fun bookish links for the weekend! The Town of Books: A travel guide to Hay-on -Wye – the world’s first Book Town! At Home with Jane Austen and Lord Byron How to Get Kids to Hate English This article delves into the lower rates of literacy among children and teens… Continue reading Bookish Links

5 Classic Roald Dahl Quotes

We still love Roald Dahl over here at Tales of a Bookworm. Sharing 5 of our favorite quotes. Matilda is one of children’s chapter books best heroines. Dahl, in his books, always acknowledged the complexities of the real world and the real feelings of children. One of the reasons Roald Dahl can be considered a… Continue reading 5 Classic Roald Dahl Quotes

The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows is an enormous mug of comforting tea while sitting by a fire. It is a comfort read; it is a classic story; it is a tale for all ages. There is delightful humor with hilarious characters. The illustrations make the characters and world come alive. We chose the Ingpen version… Continue reading The Wind in the Willows

2021 MG Chapter Books for Middle Grade readers

Chapter books, or Middle Grade lit, is churning out great reads for 5-7th grade. Of course, recommendations are based on the author’s aimed audience, so some topics may be too heavy for certain readers. Be sure to check out the blurbs: In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying these 2021 publications: The Ambassador of Nowhere Texas:… Continue reading 2021 MG Chapter Books for Middle Grade readers