Frankie Dupont And The Mystery Of Enderby Manor Review

Note: I did receive a copy of this book for view – these are my honest thoughts.

If I hadn’t already been familiar with Grasso’s writing and books, I would have still been thrilled to read this new series from her: Frankie DuPont and the Mystery of Enderby Manor. Julie Grasso does a wonderful job with her writing style to create world in which a reader can become immersed.  This new mystery is no different as a reader is quickly following the “evidence trail” with Frankie.  The characters are all detailed and fun enough for younger readers to enjoy and remember as they try to figure out the mystery.  The illustrations are a great addition to this mystery novel.

 Frankie is out to find his missing cousin Kat, and while out on the detective trail, encounters all sorts of memorable characters who may or may not have the clues he needs.  The delightful details, like Inspector Cluesome and everlasting cupcakes, really make this mystery fun; the writing is paced well for young readers, also.  Plus, I liked the main character – he felt like a friend and, as a reader, I was along for a wild ride.

I highly recommend this book for younger readers (7+) who are interested in mysteries; the book is engaging and well written to delight imaginations.


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