Recent Bookish Finds & Reads

Friday Finds! A few articles for thought on books and authors, along with some great Etsy finds that could be perfect teacher gifts. TGIF! Great article on the how Anne of Green Gables was received by Communists Article: Cracked Fairy Tales and the Holocaust Finds: These are fun bookish little finds on Etsy. I love… Continue reading Recent Bookish Finds & Reads

Quick Lit: Spring 2022 Reads

Genius Under the Table Eugene Yelchin’s follow up book from his “Breaking Stalin’s Nose” is a superb, well-written story of life growing up behind the Iron Curtain. His family is written in a humorous and poignant way as they try to help their children succeed under Communism. Yelchin does an excellent job of showing this… Continue reading Quick Lit: Spring 2022 Reads

Yoto Review

This year, my children were gifted the Yoto audio player: And, they love it! We have a tv in our home, and a few old tablets with some games installed. But, we’ve never had an Alexa, and our oldest figured out how to listen to books through Spotify. Since this came along, we were excited… Continue reading Yoto Review

Five on Friday – Feb.

 Shabby Chic in Garden and Gun. Rachel Ashwell is featured in Garden and Gun for her gardens.  Her brand is described as vintage and floral focused called Shabby Chic.  I was thrilled when she had a line at Target and love all of her gorgeous designs.  Look at these beautiful photos: 2.  The Guernsey Literary… Continue reading Five on Friday – Feb.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

We’ve got three young children (1.5, 3.5, 7), so I’m always looking for good, qaulity products they can use. I’m particular about children’s shoes because I firmly believe you get what you pay for.  I’ve tried everything from cheap shoes at Wal-mart to expensive Nikes.  Unless they’re just for fun, I don’t think cheap tennis… Continue reading Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!