10 Charming Winnie-the-Pooh Quotes

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Winnie-the-Pooh has always been a favorite character of mine, and he certainly has remained one of the most delightful children’s literary characters (along with Piglet, of course!) A.A. Milne, the author, is quite fascinating: check out my background on his writing and other Pooh links. His writing had such a distinct and poignant style; here are 10 of my favorite charming quotes from him:

1. “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”

2. “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

3. “I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart for so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time.”

4.“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?”

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5.“If the person you are talking to doesn’t appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.”

6.“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.”

7.“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.”

8.“As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen.”

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9. “We’ll be Friends Forever, won’t we, Pooh?’ asked Piglet. Even longer,’ Pooh answered.”

10. “What day is it?” asked Pooh. “It’s today,” squeaked Piglet. “My favorite day,” said Pooh.

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  1. Erin Buhr said:

    What a wonderful collection of quotes. A. A. Milne is applicable to so many situations.

    September 17, 2014
  2. Renee @ Mother Daughter Book Reviews said:

    Oh, I just love your post Brittany. My favorite quote is “If the person you are talking to doesn’t appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.” That just makes me smile! Thanks for joining us in the Kid Lit Blog Hop. I know you are a busy Mama! 🙂

    September 17, 2014
    • Brittany said:

      Thanks for stopping by – I happen to love the fluff quote as well. Our home would be plastered in children’s literature quotes if I had my way!

      September 17, 2014
  3. bookwormbear said:

    I think Winnie the Pooh always will hold special memories for me. I love these quotations – and the Pooh way of looking at life! Thanks for sharing these. I stopped by from the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

    September 18, 2014
  4. This is brilliant and just goes to show how truly and utterly classic Winnie the Poo wisdom is. Thanks for cheering my day and for joining us on the Kid Lit Blog Hop

    September 18, 2014
  5. tiffiny223 said:

    makes my heart melt!

    September 19, 2014
  6. Katie said:

    I absolutely adore Winnie the Pooh. This is a lovely selection of quotes, thank you for sharing!

    September 21, 2014

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