What I’m Reading: Substacks, Podcasts, and Newsletters

This season, which is a bit slower, is a time I use to catch up on reading newsletters and podcasts that I usually don’t catch during the week.

Here are a few of my favorite Substacks:

Born of Wonder (Substack and podcast)

Katie Marquette’s posts and podcasts are on my regular rotation for reading and listening! She delves into topics like “thin places”, photography, Celtic culture, and so much more; they are in digestible form which makes them easy to listen and contemplate.

She recently did an Advent study using Lord of the Rings! This is a great example of the kind of content I enjoy from Born of Wonder; it’s a connection between faith, culture, and well, great books.

The Priory (Substack and newsletter)

Karen Swallow Prior is bringing her teaching career to substack by sharing classics, including Beowulf! She reveals her expertise in the classroom by carefully laying out and explaining the texts to her audience. I highly recommend her newsletter!

Bright Wings: Children’s Books to Make the Heart Soar

This is one of my favorite blogs and podcasts for children’s books and book discussions. Charity Hill runs both of them, and she expertly and clearly walks parents through navigating good literature for their children. Her blog holds book lists with tons of titles and resources. If you have children or simply enjoy children’s books, check them out!

Risking Enchantment (Podcast)

This is, hands down, my favorite podcast. Rachel Sherlock and Phoebe Watson discuss all things about faith, beauty, tradition, books, movies, and more. It’s like taking a college seminar with fun, relatable professors! This podcast always makes me think, and it always makes me walk away with a new book recommendation.

Well Read Life (Podcast & Reviews)

This is the podcast that will make your “To Be Read” list so long! I love her reviews of all classic, good children’s literature. Most episodes are around 20-30 minutes with a review of a book and/or author. Beth clearly loves books, and this podcast does a great job of sharing that love with the audience. I really enjoy her episodes on adult literature, too. Check out her episodes on Kristin Lavanstraddr.