The Worst Best Halloween Ever

The Worst Best Halloween Ever is Barbara Robinson’s sequel to the popular The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  In this Halloween adventure, the Herdmans are back for disaster.

Mr. Crabtree, the principal of Woodrow Wilson, cancels Halloween.  No trick or treating, no activities and certainly, no fun! The cancellation is due to “misconduct” of a few students whom everyone knows to be all of the Herdman kids.

However, Halloween will be held at their school instead. The parents assume that Halloween will be controlled and safe and even get into the spirit, while the students of Woodrow Wilson School know that it won’t be that easy!

While some students are excited at the prospect of a Herdman free Halloween (which meant they could keep their candy), others are planning costumes and mourning the loss of the thrill of the Trick and Treat.  While they are discussing, Imogene Herdman overhears the plan for a Herdman controlled Halloween.

It’s not that easy, and on the eve of Halloween many of the students look over their shoulders.  They all know the Herdmans have to be up to something.  The lights go out and Woodrow Wilson students make a discovery in the basement of their own school building!

The Worst Best Halloween Ever is a fun sequel and a great Halloween read.  What if your school decided to cancel Halloween?