The Lemonade War

Two siblings at an entrepreneurial  war over selling lemonade is the basis of  Davies’ novel, The Lemonade War.   Evan and Jessie are brother and sister.  They are equally smart; however, Jessie will be entering fourth grade with her brother.  Evan isn’t happy about the transition and their summer turns into a business war.

They pair off with classmates to beat each other in lemonade stand profits.  Each chapter begins with a marketing term.  Jessie and Evan learn the hard way about underselling, customers, and competition.  While the main theme of the book is about sibling relationships, the underlying sub theme of capitalism is interesting, I think.  I find it refreshing that the brother and sister learn about themselves and each other by getting out and working.

Plus, the book brings back the nostalgia of summers trying to sell lemonade (or Kool aid or Gatorade!).   The Lemonade War is a great read for boys and girls!

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