Reading Lately

Rereading one of my favorite summer chapter books: The Penderwicks! It’s delightful, and it’s filled with descriptions of cottages, flowers, and playing outside. The tension between Jeffery, the girls, and Mrs. Tifton adds a layer of conflict. Highly recommend for children and adults!

I picked up this latest book from JoJo Moyes from my library and was delighted with it! The pace moved along as the two main characters find each other’s shoes, accidentally, at a gym. The plot then centers around each character trying to find the shoes and how they intertwine. I liked that all of the supporting characters were more than one dimensional and helpful to the plot. I really enjoyed reading this one, and I would defintely pick it up for an afternoon at the beach or on a porch.

Monaghan’s highly anticipated new book landed in my Kindle last week, and I am flying through it. It’s delightful, and it’s description of the family beach house make me want to immediately move in for the summer. I really love the details which are just right – not too weighty but enough to make me feel like I am there. The treehouse? Absolutely! I have a few critiquest of the characters, especially Sam, but honestly this is a quick summer pool read. It’s not for super dimensional characters because…who can’t get over their summer high school love after 14 years? Despite that, I find it perfect for a summer read and would recommend anyone pick it up who wants a fun book.