Readers in Art:Norman Rockwell (Part 1)

I love to find old, vintage, and popular pieces of art that depict readers; between magazines, painting, and illustrations, there are many! Here’s a brief series of a few of my favorite art pieces and illustrators.

Norman Rockwell’s humorous, nostaglic, and sweet depictions of readers often provokes emotion in the audience.

This illustration shares the experience of being lost in another world lit only by a lap at beditme. I love the multiple books and stacks on the nightstand.

This week illustratuion, punctuated by the dog in the corner, shares the relationship of nighttime reading (and the invetiable sleepy eyelids.)

This Rockwell illustration always makes me chuckle as she is determined to find an answer in her book! The details of this moment, meant to be peaceful, are perfect.

This is one of my favorites: the sheer stack of yellow National Geographics; the interested in their eybrows; the abandoned broom. There’s no dog…but there is a cat!

Images sourced from BookArt