Greenville’s Independent Bookstore Gem: M. Judson Booksellers

Greenville, South Carolina is an upstate gem that has grown quite a bit in the last ten years. The downtown is a wonderful day trip or afternoon for shopping, food, and wandering. One of my absolute favorite places to visit is M. Judson Booksellers on Main St. If you enjoy bookstores, books, or reading, you must visit this establishment!

Source Credit: M. Judson Booksellers

M. Judson Booksellers

The store is literally held up by books (seen here in the photo) as some of the entrance partitions were built with paperbacks. There’s a lovely cafe with coffee in the corner.

All over the store, staff recommendations fill the shelves with personal touches.

They always have great new finds as well as a lovely collection of classics, including great Southern Lit titles.

They, of course, also have charming little gifts and accessories to pick up.

Any book lover would spend hours in this bookstore!