Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

The Wimpy Kid series have inspired a new generation of cartoonists.   Jeff Kinney’s latest addition, Dog Days, continues with Greg Heffley and his summer vacation.

As realtors will often say, “Location, Location, Location,” is the key to house, “Character, Character, Character,” is often the key to a successful book.  Greg’s character is observant and hilarious, all at once.

Dog Days begins with Greg reflected on the state of his summer vacation.  His ideal vacation would be in a home without sunlight, video games, and television.  Instead, it is a three month “guilt trip.”  His mother encourages him to get outside and do something.  Greg had several adventures with Rowley, his dorky sidekick.  They get kicked out of Rowley’s country club, watch scary movies, and attempts to start a successful lawn business.


While Greg mourns his inability to stay indoors all summer, his family cancels their regular summer vacation.  Instead Greg has a birthday party that results in a dog chewed cake, a rained out trip to the water park with his family, and a brief trip to the beach with Rowley’s family.

Again, this book will make any adult shake with laughter, as will it a child.  Kinney has an uncanny ability to pinpoint and find humor in life’s situations we all remember.  My favorite moment is when Heffleys are on their way to the water park.

I saw a sign for a pizza place, and I begged Mom and Dad to let us eat there.  But I guess Mom was trying to save money, because she came prepared (Kinney, 106).  It is followed by a drawing of Greg’s mom holding a bag of “healthy snacks.”  Hilarious moments like that make Dog Days a year round read.