Brambly Hedge

This set of beautifully illustrated books by Jill Barklem are a classic for any bookshelf. They have been enjoyed by children and adults alike for the detailed, lush illustrations of life in Brambly Hedge. The story of the mouse community and their lives is delightful as they life, share, eat, and work together.

The stories are first set by the seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. The illustrations give gorgeous distinction of those seasons in nature through color and depiction.

Ease your whiskers, rest your paws, Pies and puddings fill the stores Sweetly dream the night away Till sunshine brings another day.
Jill Barklem (Autumn Story (Brambly Hedge, #3))
Making Rose Petal Jam

We definitely recommend this book to any family. It’s a treasure to read and share for years. The stories are a great way to appreciate the simplicity of the season and how the mice lived within each one. It’s refreshing to read a simple, sweet, and well illustrated book as children’s publishing doesn’t find many of these currently .

Parents and teachers can easily incorporate this into nature studies or simply enjoy at reading time.

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