Charlotte’s Web

Award winning book by E.B. White tells the tale of an unlikely friendship between a pig and a spider. The classic book has been in many classrooms for years because of its lovable characters, and relationships between animals and humans. The Arable family has a litter of pigs, one of which they deem a runt. … Continue reading Charlotte’s Web

Make Way for Ducklings

Robert McCloskey’s Make Way for Ducklings is an essential  picture book.  Written and illustrated by McCloskey, it won the 1942 Caldecott Medal for illustrations. The book is still popular and has been constantly in print since its first publication.  In fact, Boston has dedicated small statues to the ducks. The story of Mr. and Mrs. Mallard is… Continue reading Make Way for Ducklings

South by Patrick McDonnell

South by Patrick McDonnell is hands down, a book that should be on every child’s bookshelf.  It is a quiet and  powerful tale of friendship with beautiful illustrations. McDonnell is well known for his cartoon illustrations of Mutts and The Gift of Nothing.  I was unfamiliar with him but picked up this picture book, South, on a… Continue reading South by Patrick McDonnell