5 Great Deals on Prime Day

I shop for everything on Amazon…I mean everything.  So, I’m excited about the Prime Day coming up next week and decided to check the deals being offered.  It’s only for Prime members, but if you join that day, you’ll get great perks.  I was interested to see great offers for educators, readers, and families.

Let me know if you’ll shop!

Trade in your old Kindle.  I love this deal, especially for those of us who have used our Kindle. If you’re thinking about a new Kindle, this would be a perfect time to trade in your old one.

40% off Kindle Unlimited…this is such a great deal for readers.  I love the books they offer in the unlimited.

Kindle – Up to 40% Off Kindle Unlimited

Audible is also on great deal.

If you’re looking for a great deal on kid’s tablets, I highly recommend the Kindle Fire.  We have one with the Freetime which is great for children.  It restricts the apps and videos.  There’s also an option to customize how much time a child spends and where he spends it.  We do like this feature.

Anyone who is preparing for college/tech school/classes in the fall should use Amazon to purchase textbooks. I started purchasing them quite a few years ago for courses :).  They’ve got many more options, prices, and titles for students now.

Teachers! Did you know you could find education supplies on Amazon? Check out the great deals offered by Amazon on Prime day below.