5 Classic Roald Dahl Quotes

We still love Roald Dahl over here at Tales of a Bookworm. Sharing 5 of our favorite quotes.

Matilda is one of children’s chapter books best heroines.

Dahl, in his books, always acknowledged the complexities of the real world and the real feelings of children.

One of the reasons Roald Dahl can be considered a masterful fairy tale author and legend is because of his masterful play on language. Each book purposefully expands and plays with language.

Roald Dahl has and continues to curate imagination through the world’s of his books.

Even in the dreariest or scariest of times, Dahl’s characters come across a life affirming figure who gives them the confidence and love to continue.

Roald Dahl surely has a fan club, and Tales of a Bookworm may be the president. We love his books not only for the story and the humor but their ability to reach swathes of readers. Check out our other posts on Dahl:

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