2021 MG Chapter Books for Middle Grade readers

MG Chapter Books for Intermediate Readers

Chapter books, or Middle Grade lit, is churning out great reads for 5-7th grade. Of course, recommendations are based on the author’s aimed audience, so some topics may be too heavy for certain readers. Be sure to check out the blurbs:

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying these 2021 publications:

The Ambassador of Nowhere Texas:

Holt’s book is a descriptive, poignant book written for YA but not on a condescending way. Takes place in Texas and I enjoyed the local description, especially of bluegrass.

365 Days to Alaska

This book follows the main character as she moves from extreme rural Alaskan homestead life to suburban stateside life. With some family conflict and new school problems, it’s a great book detailing the hardship of change while finding appreciating new things in life. Great MG book for those struggling with chang.

A Soft Place to Land

In this chapter book, the main character deals with trying to find her own secret space in a crowded apartment building. When the secrete is found, she learns about real friends and conflict. This book is so relatable for kids who are yearning for their own fort/hideaway/secret space. It’s also a good book about standing up for yourself amidst friend conflict.

Adventure is Now

A middle grade novel about a boy who learns about protecting the environment, finding real friends, and living in the now while spending the summer on a remote island.

Sometimes it’s hard to be Milton P. Greene. He says all the wrong things, his family is falling apart, and everyone at school avoids him because of the very embarrassing Bird Brain Incident. But when Milton plays his video game Isle of Wild, he becomes someone else–Sea Hawk, the brave and brilliant naturalist explorer who conquers danger at every turn.
Then Milton’s parents ship him off to the remote Lone Island for the summer, where his uncle Evan is an environmentalist researcher. The island is chock-full of spectacular species, and Milton realizes this is his chance to become the brave and brilliant naturalist he’s always wanted to be–and even meet some fellow explorers!

Across the Pond

From the author of A Field Guide to Getting Lost comes a heartwarming story about new beginnings, burgeoning friendships, and finding your flock.

Callie can’t wait for her new life to start. After a major friendship breakup in San Diego, moving overseas to Scotland gives her the perfect chance to reinvent herself. On top of that, she’s going to live in a real-life castle!

But as romantic as life in a castle sounds, the reality is a little less comfortable: it’s run-down, freezing, and crawling with critters. Plus, starting off on the wrong foot with the gardener’s granddaughter doesn’t help her nerves about making new friends. So she comes up with the perfect solution: she’ll be homeschooled. Her parents agree, on one condition: she has to participate in a social activity.

Inspired by a journal that she finds hidden in her bedroom, Callie decides to join a birding club. Sure, it sounds unusual, but at least it’s not sports or performing. But when she clashes with the club leader, she risks losing a set of friends all over again. Will she ever be able to find her flock and make this strange new place feel like home?

I loved this one! It’s been one of my favorite MG reads this year. It’s endearing…with a setting Scotland!