If an Elephant Went to School

If an Elephant Went to School by Ellen Fischer & illustrated by Laura Wood

Children ages 2 to 6

[Meets Next Generation Standards for Science]

[Release date: July 21, 2015]

[Companion to If an Armadillo Went to a Restaurant]


When we received a review copy of this picture book, my son actually tore right into the package (it was labeled with the adorable elephant!).  The illustrations of If an Elephant Went to School are perfect for his age group as readers (he is 4).  They are classic, yet detailed in the actions of each of the animals.

Once my son caught onto what the elephant would learn, he really enjoyed answering “No Way” and figuring out what the animals would learn.  I love how the book gives the reader facts of what animals do.

This book is really great for young readers, but it would also be useful in the classroom as teachers could use it to discuss learning about animals and science, a fun way to cross disciplines.  Also, I think this could be helpful for parents and children who are going to school for the first time (kindergarten, pre-school) to have them become familiar with the idea of learning.  [Check out my post on Going to Kindergarten? here]


Check out Ellen Fischer’s author page on Mighty Media here.