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5 useful books for teaching writing


Teaching writing can often a more subjective process, but there are many books published that propose help for not only teachers but students.  I don’t endorse the types of texts that undermine the power of grammar and mechanical knowledge for students; communication hinges on being able to write correctly.  However, as a teacher, we look for various methods to teach proper communication without the dreadful sentence diagramming for days on end.

Here are a few texts that have really helped me in creating more relevant writing activities that get students engaged but also stress the power of written communication:

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sentence structure


I tried Grammarly’s grammar check free of charge because who doesn’t want to impress his or her high school English teacher with well-written blog posts?

Speaking of good grammar, one must be able to write well constructed sentences to communicate effectively. Here are some common errors that many writers make when writing:

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 My day job includes teaching freshman writing; over the past five years, I’ve simplified a few key things that, while simple, are important for success in the college classroom.  If…

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